Beaches and Parks

The beach in Del Mar is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable in San Diego. The two plus miles of sandy beach offers a great place to relax, walk, or run. Two coastal parks, Powerhouse and Seagrove Parks , are located just above the Fifteenth Street surf break; providing a great spot to picnic with friends and family.

North Beach, affectionately called “Dog Beach” by dog owners, is located north of 29 th Street and stretches nearly one half mile to our border with Solana Beach. Please visit the "Dog Beach " page for more information.

North County offers some of the best local running, paddling, fishing, and diving in the area. Local runs and walks include the beach, coastal bluffs, Torrey Pines State Park , and the trails through the backside of Del Mar in Crest Canyon. All areas provide a unique vantage point to enjoy wildlife and the natural surroundings. On flat surf days, many surfers have found alternate avenues of enjoying the ocean via paddling and free-diving in our local waters. With an abundant local fish population and thriving Giant Sea Kelp forest, both activities are prime Southern California spots for these activities.

Two other unique opportunities to explore are Scripps Bluff Preserve and the newly restored San Dieguito River Lagoon . Both spots are located at the northern end of Del Mar and offer extraordinary views of the San Diego coastline, native plants, shorebirds, and other wildlife. Additionally, great training opportunities in the area include running the stairs up to the reserve and the trail out to the Lagoon.

Remember to inquire with local Lifeguards for detailed information on safety, rules, and conditions. Enjoy the beach!

Del Mar's Powerhouse Community

In 1928, the Powerhouse was built to replace the Stratford Inn's original powerhouse. The huge boilers in the new building supplied hot water for the pool, the hotel and the hotel's laundry. It also supplied heat for the hotel and its cottages.

In July 1955, after the Hotel was sold during the Bankruptcy sale, only the Del Mar plunge and the Powerhouse remained unsold. It was not until 1958 that the powerhouse found an owner and was turned into a nightclub. The Powerhouse Roaring 20s, featured waitresses dressed as flappers and waiters and bartenders in derbies and vests. The night club opened October 1958 and then closed in 1962.

The Powerhouse which had been unoccupied after the Roaring 20s nightclub failed was rented in September 1965 by the Universal Water Corporation. It became a desalination plant to try to find an economic means for converting salt water to drinking water. The building underwent a complete renovation on the inside.

In 1983, the Powerhouse and the surrounding park areas were purchased by the City and a 17 year effort culminated in the creation of the Powerhouse Community Center. The 2000 Orchid Award winning design for Historic Preservation led the San Diego Architectural Foundation to say:

A gem of a project. Hats off to the restoration committee for taking the plunge and providing the power to this restoration effort. This structure evokes the quirky and nostalgic past of this coastal community. This is a functional community space with restrooms, an outdoor theatre and beach showers where everyone can rinse off the Del Mar sand, wiggle their toes in glee, and soak in its historic glow.

The Powerhouse includes cool, trellis-covered verandas with perfectly framed views of palms and surf that invites the visitor to sit, relax and absorb the beauty of Del Mar

Dog Beach

Del Mar has maintained its status as a dog friendly city since incorporation in 1959. Nine months of the year, dogs are allowed along the entire two plus mile stretch of beach in addition to the City's two major parks, Seagrove Park and Powerhouse Park. While many residents and visitors enjoy all areas of the beach, the most popular location for owners to bring their canines is the North Beach area.

North Beach, affectionately called “Dog Beach” by dog owners, is located north of 29 th Street and stretches nearly one half mile to our border with Solana Beach. The area includes the mouth of the San Dieguito River and a stretch of coastal bluff. While laws restrict access to half of the Del Mar beach during the summer months, North Beach remains open to dogs; however, dogs must be restricted to a six foot leash.

Del Mar's local dog laws are designed to provide access for dogs and their owners throughout the year. Please review the basics of local laws:

North Beach area (29 th Street to Solana Beach border)
Dogs must be leashed June 15 th through Labor Day
Dogs able to run under voice control of owner from the day after Labor Day through June 14 th

Main Beach area (northern end of Powerhouse Park to 29 th Street)
Dogs not allowed June 15 th through Labor Day
Dogs allowed leashed from the day after Labor Day through June 14 th

South Beach area (Powerhouse Park south to Torrey Pines border at 6 th Street)
Dogs must be leashed year-round

**Owners must pick up after dogs at all times

The City works hard to create a positive experience for every resident and visitor. Please do your part by respecting the local laws, respecting other visitors, and cleaning up after your animal. For further information, please contact City of Del Mar Lifeguards at (858)755-1556.

Del Mar Farmers Market

The Del Mar Farmers Market is a tradition in Del Mar with vendors providing fresh produce, fresh fish, hand crafted cheeses, flowers, plants and more. The Market is open year round every Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Del Mar City Hall Parking Lot, located at 1050 Camino del Mar.

Adjacent and to the south of the Farmers Market is the Del Mar Artisan Market also year round on Saturdays each month from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.. See handcrafted jewelry, imported linens, flowers, fresh kettle corn and much, much more.

Vendor Contacts:
Del Mar Farmers Market: (760) 521-0643
Del Mar Artisan Bazaar: (858) 759-6714

Del Mar Surfing

Surfing in Del Mar
Del Mar Surf Report (858) 259-8208
Del Mar Beach Cam

The beach in Del Mar is unique in what if offers the active surfer looking for fun and diverse waves, in addition to beach activities to complement the lifestyle. Lying just to the north of San Diego, Del Mar is close and accessible to all surfers in San Diego County.

For the opportunistic surfer looking for waves twelve months a year, Del Mar is a great destination. With a broad swell window open to seasonal swells twelve months a year, there is a great chance of finding a good ride within the city limits. Facing almost due west and with little land diverting waves from this stretch of coast, Del Mar, generally, sees good swell energy from the southwest, west, and northwest.

With surfing becoming more mainstream, crowds have grown significantly. The diversity of waves in Del Mar offers the ability to find a fun wave almost any time of year without the constraints of thick crowds.

The southern end of the beach offers a section of over one-half mile of rock-bottom reef. Depending on the swell size, direction, and tides, the reefs between Fourth and Fifteenth Streets will turn on at different times. Generally speaking, if there is a swell over a few feet, fun waves can be found at one or more of the reef outcroppings. The most frequented spots with the most consistent surf are Eleventh and Fifteenth Streets. Both locations thrive on swells in the 220-280 degree range with tides below four feet.

The middle section of the Del Mar beach consists of a one mile-long stretch of beach breaks. While the sandbars are at the mercy of currents, tides, and swell, fun and un-crowded peaks can often be found – and most often in a different location from one day to the next. While these shifty peaks are fun on most swells and mid-level tides throughout the year, overhead waves tend to be mostly closed-out on this stretch of beach as well as during extreme low tides.

The northern stretch of beach offers another unique wave area with the San Dieguito River meeting the Pacific Ocean, offering up some very consistent sandbars when the river is flowing. Additionally, reef outcroppings provide an area of more consistently forming waves to the north of the river extending to the Del Mar border with Solana Beach. This stretch of beach is most consistent during our northwesterly swell events and offer some of the better large wave swell riding opportunities in Del Mar.

Remember to inquire with local Lifeguards for detailed information on safety, rules, and conditions. Enjoy the waves!

Del Mar Lifeguards - (858) 755-1556
Del Mar Beach Safety Video

Del Mar Municipal Tennis Courts

Two public tennis courts are located near the intersection of 21st Street and Court Street in Del Mar.

Rules and Regulations:

Municipal tennis court facilities are open to all members of the general public at no charge.

Only tennis shoes allowed on courts.

Courts are for tennis only; no skateboards or other wheeled vehicles allowed. Accessibility devices are allowed.

Use of tennis courts shall be on a first come, first served basis. When all tennis courts at a facility are in use and other players are waiting to play, the following set and time limits shall be in effect:

One set of singles,
Two sets of doubles,
Or one hour of playing time;
Which ever occurs first (includes practice play and warm-up).

At all facilities, tennis play shall be continuous and courts may not be held at any time by leaving rackets or other personal articles on the court.

All tennis tournaments conducted on municipal tennis facilities must have prior approval from the Del Mar City Manager.

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